About Mikus

Mikus KinsMikus Kins is a capital markets expert who has extensive experience in both domestic and international trades. For those who know him professionally, they know that he is a dedicated and hardworking individual who likes to invest and learn from the world around him. His aptitude, passion, and work ethic for success helped carved a path he always saw for himself since his early collegiate years at Brown University. Since then, he has held several senior management positions with some of the largest global financial institutions such as: Bank of America, Merrill Lynch, LaSalle Bank, and ABN/AMRO. Currently, Mikus has applied that strategic thinking and managerial skills as Executive Vice President for RealtyMetrix, LLC.

Educational Background

Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.

During his adolescent years, Mikus Kins attended the Francis W. Parker Private School in Chicago, Illinois. There, he was able to foster and develop the confidence, commitment, and courage to become an active citizen in the world. Much of this attributed to the school’s philosophy, which demanded the highest degree of knowledge, power, skill, and service from all who attended this elite institution. This eventually shaped his drive academically where he was able to continue his academic studies at Brown University. There he double majored in International Relations and History while also engaging in various extracurricular activities.

At Brown, he made it a point to explore new avenues and try different things. For those who know him well, they know that he does not do anything without passion. Whether it was crew, various business clubs, or even his academic studies, Mikus was always invested strongly in his interest. This passion, especial for his Latvian roots, led him to study abroad at the University of Latvia, post Soviet Union, in which he attained dual citizenship with the country. After college and returning to the United States, Mikus Kins decided to undertake various executive recruit roles before ultimately foregoing for his MBA at Fisher College of Business at The Ohio State University to further his expertise and interest finance, investment management, real estate and international business.

Work Experience

To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes a reality.

Mikus Kins is an individual who likes to leverage his opportunities and invest in the world around him. His aptitude, passion, and work ethic for success helped carved a path that he always saw for himself since his adolescence. It was that drive and determination that allowed him to invest within the world of finance, business, and entrepreneurship.

After graduating with his MBA, he accepted an offer with La Salle Bank in Chicago. Over the years, he performed and  excelled significantly with the company and eventually moved to London where he oversaw the Global Securities Solutions Division for Bank of America and Merrill Lynch. In this role, he was trusted in managing 250 employees in administrative services for both securitized and non-securitized products such as CLOs, CDOs, Commercial and Residential Mortgage, Backed Securities, and over $60 billion dollars in Total Return Swap portfolios. During 2010, Mikus Kins left the industry and return back to the United States where he worked on various projects prior to joining RealtyMetrix.

Personal Background

Outside of the office, Mikus likes to build a sense of respect, transparency, and service to those around him. That is why you can usually find him involved with various philanthropic organizations within his community. Currently, he serves on the board and on the auxiliary board memberships at Brown University Club of United Kingdom, Brown University Club of Chicago, Peggy Notebaert Nature Museum, and Hedge Fund Cares Chicago.

At the end of the day, Mikus Kins is first and foremost a family man. As a loving husband and a proud father to two kids, he enjoys spending his weekends and his time off with his family. There, you can find him out and about with his beautiful wife or enjoying some quality time with his children. When he is not with his family, you can usually find him with his wife and friends attending the theater, going to art museums, exploring around Chicago’s best restaurants, or planning his next ski or camping trip.