Various experts worldwide have resoundingly agreed that it is important to maintain a balance between your work life and your social life. While difficult as it may be to find that stability and level of control, you want to make sure you can establish that equilibrium so that you are mentality healthy and physically prepared for the next day.

Now, for many young professionals, they tend to make the mistake of overworking themselves at the office. Entering the workforce can be an incredibly difficult task. With adjusting the new rules, standards, and level of work, many individuals assume the ‘go-getter’ and ‘first to enter, last to leave’ mentality as their mantra for life. While I will never condone a person for working hard and investing in their job, overdoing this can lead to multiple physical and emotional damages in the long run.

When this happens, the individual is not the only person who suffers. In fact, the company as a whole suffers tremendously. With burnout rates gradually increasing, many business leaders and hiring managers are looking for new and innovative ways to establish that much needed positive working environment.

But why does this burnout rate happen? What can be done to alleviate this situation?

To put it simply, the position and responsibilities of a job can weigh down on an individual. Unlike the college life where you have various breaks in between classes, corporate and private sector demands more of you. That sense of responsibility and pressure can eventually lead to self-doubt and stress. But as much as we can try and find other ways around it, work will always be stressful. In order to grow and take control of the situation, you need to start by taking control of your schedule.

For many individuals who experience this burnout rate, they tend to have an unhealthy balance between their work life and their nonexistent social life. Now, I cannot wholeheartedly say that there will never be nights where you need to stay late at the office or work on the weekends. While those days will come, it is important that you establish a strong and logistical schedule that allows you to enjoy life and relax for the next day. One of the best ways to do this is by creating a well-organized schedule. By having a schedule in place that separates your work life and your social life, you will be able to find the time to enjoy the things you love to do outside of work. Make sure you fill out your calendar in its entirety. This will help you iron out any and all logistics and provide a stronger sense of open slots in which you can take advantage of for either work or fun.

In addition to your calendar, you want to make sure you are staying active. One of the biggest mistakes many young professionals make is scheduling their entire lives around their jobs. To prevent that toxic schedule, try looking at various ways in which you can increase your activity within your lifestyle. Try joining an extracurricular group or a club that sparks your interest. Try and look at various gym memberships or athletic sports groups that you can partake in with your friends. Whatever is the case, the more socially active you are, the better. This will help ease your mind and prevent you from over-stressing about the workplace. It will even come to a point where once these activities are embedded within your routine, your days will no longer seem that long.