Entrepreneurship is about resiliency. When owning your own business, many people quickly find that the dream of immediate success is nothing more but a fantasy. It’s like that saying goes, the only time success comes before work is in the dictionary. Regardless, you should not be inept to the fact that in any business, there will always be changes in the tides. Part of the entrepreneur’s effective strategy is to recognize these changes and know how to work through them in the most efficient and effective manner.

“Consistency requires you to be as ignorant today as you were a year ago.”  

~Bernard Berenson

As a leader, it is vital that you remain open to new ideas. Ultimately it can be those innovative concepts that can lead you and your business to a more beneficial path. One great trait all successful entrepreneurs and business leaders have is that they are open-minded about change and innovation. Focusing on the old standard, especially the traditional and antiquated concepts of running a business could eventually plateau or worse stagnate your business growth into a lose-lose situation. When you analyze your business on a holistic level, look at it as a growing child. At times there are moments where you need to focus on the foundational accepts so that it can get its footing. But, in order for it to grow, changes need to be made.

So if you are an entrepreneur looking to freshen up your mindset and polish your business agility skills, here are a few tips on how you can continue to improve your skillset within the rat race of the private sector.

Stay in a State of Learning

Developing your entrepreneurial skills is not simply the practice, but the act of educating yourself on the trade of the business. Remember, knowledge is power. Always stay mindful that every industry is always growing and thriving each and every day. Because of this, it is imperative that you are in a mindset of a student with the willingness to learn. To do this, research what is currently trending in your field and what is not anymore. In addition, read up on various business books, entrepreneurship autobiographies, and current event news. This continuous learning will assure that you are up tot speed with all of the changes that is happening to you and your company.

Who are you Targeting?

Like any good business executive, knowing the marketing will play a key factor in your strategies and approaches during the beginning stages of your startup. Take your time to know your clients and cultivate integrity in your communication with them. Thriving businesses like Apple and Google did not start up by assuming what they knew was right. They used their ideas and concepts as a framework for what the public looks for in a purchase and service. Fostering this type of healthy persona will lead to satisfied and possibly longer lasting customers. Remember, your most unhappy customer is your greatest source of learning.

Be the Change

Great leaders dare to be different. They have the courage to make rash decisions that nobody else can bear to make. When it comes to those decisions or new ideas, challenge yourself. Take a risk. Elon Musk once said that, “if something is important enough, you should try it even if the probable outcome is a failure.” At certain points of an entrepreneur, you will be faced with various decisions asking you to go above and beyond the scope of your comfort zone. This could be a potential investment or an executive decision. Regardless of the situation, you want to be confident in every decision that you make even if it does end in failure. Do not let the idea of failure hold you back from making that change. Don’t see it as a mistake. See it rather as an opportunity for improvement.