In Part One, Mikus Kins discusses how confident people are determined and fearless.  Mikus lays out how to teach children to embody confidence by speaking to the ideas of determination and fearlessness.

In Part Two, Mikus Kins describes how visionaries are organized and frugal.  Mikus lays out how to teach children to embody the mind of a visionary by speaking to the ideas of organization and frugality.

We are back with Part Two of “Instill These 2 Entrepreneurial Character Traits into Your Children!” So, let’s dive right in!

  • Category 2 | A Visionary is…
    • Organized and
    • Frugal.

Visionary: Someone who is a visionary has “visions,” or, “ideas,” floating around in his/her mind often.  They see the horizon; they get the big picture.  When someone can think this big, it means they can go deeper than just creating a singular idea; it means they can create a whole web of ideas in their minds that interconnect and benefit one another.

Teaching a Child to Be A Visionary: A simple way to teach your child to be a visionary is by teaching them how to not stop ideating after they have concocted one singular idea as a solution to a problem.  Encourage them to think outside the box.  Ask them tough questions.  Challenge their ideas.  They will start to grow simply from these types of discussions.

Once your child has come up with a solid solution to a problem, don’t let him/her stop their thought processes there.  In order to effectuate a solution, one needs to make a plan, formulated by goals, objectives, and specific tasks to see the solution through.

This is where being organized comes into play.

Organized: Organized people make information visually appealing.  They use timelines, outlines, charts, graphs, mind mapping, and the like.  You know it, and they’ve thought through  how to best organize the information at hand.

Teaching Your Children to Be Organized: To get to a fully fleshed-out idea on how to do something in one’s life, there has to be planning, thinking, ruminating, and debating.  There need to be rough drafts, numerous more rough drafts, and note taking.  Help your child to create plans of action for attaining different goals by guiding them through this process.  Teach them about how to organize information well, and they will take after you eventually!

Frugal: A frugal person understands money inside and out.  They understand cash flow, P&L statements, budgeting, and financial planning.  They can properly asses where money should be spent and where it is coming from.  In helping your child to be a visionary, they need to think of the cost, not only the reward, involved in completing a plan.

Teaching Your Children to Be Frugal: The cost is where you should encourage them to ask unlimited questions.  By knowing about the costs associated with specific courses of action, whether that be financial or other, children can grow up confident in their ability to make wise choices.  Teach your child to ask you for money to invest in what they want.  Teach them to pitch ideas to you.  Play the devil’s advocate to show them how to test for loopholes in their plans.

These are all entrepreneurial skills that should be taught to a child to help him/her become a well rounded visionary.

There are so many other characteristics of an entrepreneur that you could teach your child to embody, such as being passionate, positive, and flexible, but the character traits discussed herein are some of the most powerful characteristics a child can embody that have to do with entrepreneurship.  By thinking about what it means to be confident and to be a visionary, you can rest assured that you have what it takes to break it down for your child and help them to become all that they can be.