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20 Myths About Entrepreneurship: Part One

Being an entrepreneur is rather overlooked for what it really is. Entrepreneurs are often seen as hustlers who are willing to do whatever it takes to be successful. They are seen as people who are too risky to trust and people who have no idea how to have a good work-life balance. In part one […]

Why Branding is Important for your Company

Regardless of what field you are in, branding will always be the theme and essence of your company. While the rest of the world may adhere the term to marketing, branding, in itself is its own entity. In fact, the overall concept and field will always play an integral role within the overall success of […]

The Importance of Business Ethics

Several factors play a role in the overall success of a company. As much as we can look directly at the finances, financial statements alone are not enough to represent the overall health of a business. Instead, we have to look at a variety of different factors such as organizational culture, company goals, company philosophy, […]

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Ted-X Talks: The Art of Entrepreneurship by Julie Meyer

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